Published by admin | 17-11-2014

These Slots Feature an Iconic Board Game

These slots are themed on the almost iconic board game that has remained popular for two whole generations and is still going strong. There are several versions of Monopoly slots now available but they all share one thing, features taken from the original popular board game. The popularity of the first slot machine themed on […]

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Published by admin | 10-11-2014

Become Nostalgic when you Play this Slot

Monopoly is the most famous and the most popular family board game to ever be introduced and many people will perhaps get nostalgic when they think of the number of times they have played the game, probably with family and friends. The Monopoly slot will probably invoke that nostalgia as it is based on the […]

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Published by admin | 03-11-2014

There is a Slot within a Slot on this Slot Machine

This version of the Monopoly slots varies from others you may have played before and in one of the bonus rounds, Mr Monopoly plays his own slot machine but if he gets any wins, they go to you. The Monopoly Megajackpots slot varies from the other versions in two very significant ways. Firstly, although this […]

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Published by admin | 27-10-2014

This Slot Pays 500 Times your Bet

There is a reason for the name of this very popular 3 reel slot machine. The Monopoly Multiplier slot gets its name for being able to provide large multiples of your wagers and that can be from just getting the Monopoly logo symbol appearing on the reels. This is just one of several slot machines […]

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Published by admin | 20-10-2014

This Monopoly Slot has Two Bonus Rounds

Somewhat unusually, especially for a Monopoly slot machine, this slot machine has two bonus rounds. The Monopoly Pass Go slot is one of the later versions of the Monopoly slots and this time it has two bonus rounds instead of just the usual one that features the mini Monopoly board, although that is still featured […]

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Published by admin | 13-10-2014

Mr Monopoly can Help on this Slot

Although there are now several versions of Monopoly slots available to play, not all of them have Mr Monopoly appearing to increase the value of the properties like he does on this one. The Monopoly Plus slot is one of the more recent additions of the Monopoly slots and has the added Mr monopoly feature. […]

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Published by admin | 06-10-2014

There’s a Cheeseburger on this Slot Machine

Although this game is based on the board game Monopoly and so is similar to it in many ways, at least in the bonus round, there is one major difference and that is that the movers have been updated to include roller blades, mobile phones and a cheeseburger. The Monopoly Here and Now slot is […]

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Published by admin | 29-09-2014

Upgrade your Mover on these Slots

These slots are all based on the very popular and high selling family board game Monopoly and so whilst they will seem familiar, there is perhaps one difference from the original game, as well as having perhaps the car as a mover, there are some that have been given upgrades and so the movers now […]

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Published by admin | 22-09-2014

Chance and Community Chest may be on this Slot

Although now, there are several versions of these slots, they are all still based on the original family board game and so most feature the almost iconic board in their bonus rounds. It is for this reason that when you play Monopoly slot, depending on the version you chose to play, you may find that […]

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Published by admin | 15-09-2014

You’ll recognize the Bonus Game on these Slots

As these slots are based on the family board game Monopoly and on most of the versions the bonus round features a mini Monopoly board, most players will be familiar with it. The Monopoly slots feature a board in their bonus rounds and as this board is a mini version of the original, it will […]

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