On these Slots Roll the Dice to Win

monopoly slotAlthough there are several versions to these slots, many of them, in their bonus rounds, allow you to roll the dice and move around the board to see what you have won, just as you would on the popular board game on which they are based. When you play Monopoly slots, most of the versions have mini Monopoly board games as their bonus rounds. When they do, although there are obviously less squares, the squares there are, are marked in a similar way as the original board. Some may have properties and utilities whilst others may prefer chance and community chest squares along with the various property squares but all are sure to have go to jail, jail, go and the famous free parking. On these mini games, unlike the original game where some of the chance cards could be bad or landing on a property that was owned by someone else, could cost you, these squares are all winners with the possible exception of jail which is always bad but even the free parking may afford you a win.

If the version of the slots you are playing doesn’t feature the board in its bonus round, it is sure to feature the properties and free parking markings as symbols on their reels and so it is always these that will bring you the wins.

Other popular and recognizable features from the board game may also be on one or two of the versions, like the Mr Monopoly or the familiar movers. Although many of these versions feature the movers in one way or another, at least one of them also includes some more modern movers to accompany the old familiar ones and include roller blades, cheeseburgers and mobile phones.

Whichever version of these slots you choose to play, you are sure to become reminiscent of the days playing the board game with family and friends at home and perhaps become a little nostalgic. This won’t last for long though as, unlike the board game, it is real money that you will win on these.

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