New Monopoly Game for Cheaters

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Did you know that Hasbro is releasing an upcoming special “Cheater’s Edition” of Monopoly this June. The twist on the classic game of Monopoly encourages its players to actually cheat during game play.

The New Cheater’s Edition of monopoly comes complete with 15 cheat cards which ask the players to carry out tasks throughout the game while playing, but you will not necessarily know what that is.

These task’s can range from taking money from the bank hopefully without anyone knowing to moving someone else’s token on the board while its on your turn. If the task’s are carried out successfully, then the cheating players will receive rewards like extra cash or free properties to help them get further in the game for actually cheating!

But, if they are caught by the others playing while trying to complete the tasks, then the cheating players may have to hand over money or wind up being handcuffed to the board game in jail. The New game comes complete with handcuffs to do just that! Why not brush up on your monopoly skills HERE with Mr Green, to get yourself ready for this epic twist on a classic game.

Monopoly Cheater Edition Coming Soon!