Casumo crowns two millionaires in one week!

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As a slots enthusiast, it’s pretty rare that someone hits a big Progressive Jackpot at a casino that makes the news, but imagine if two big Jackpots were hit in the space of seven-days … and at the same casino! Miraculously that is what happened at Casumo within the last 30 days, when a Mega Fortune slot winner took home £2.8million followed just 6 days later by another winner on the Mega Fortunes Dream slot who cashed out £3.9million and broke the casino’s history as the highest single win they have ever had.

Now we know that neither of those are our beloved Monopoly Slot, but the fact that we are advertising Casumo on our site and the top payouts on Monopoly are well worth getting out of bed for, it doesn’t half get the taste buds tingling. I mean, if two independent winners can walk away with life-changing sums of cash in the space of a week, what’s to stop more big winners? Perhaps the site is a lucky charm for slots players this month or maybe Lady Luck has just cast her net over the site just long enough for you to walk away a winner too? Whatever the rationale and reason, it seems foolish not to tell you about it and to encourage you to take up their new player promotion of 20 free spins every day for 10 days after you register, and a hefty 200% deposit bonus on your first deposit at the casino. You could even use those spins to try and land yourself a nice big win on Monopoly, or throw a little money behind you and increase your spin values to net a really big win!

Whatever you choose to do, we hope we at least inspired you to believe that slots aren’t just out to take your money, but that they really do pay out as well. Well at least we can say that much for Casumo who have been plastered all over the gaming news boards on their double-winner success story. For now we will leave you deliberating on whether you could be their next big winner and wish you all the luck in the world when you give it a try.