Published by admin | 23-02-2015

Enjoy Monopoly in the Form of a Slot Machine

In the bonus rounds on any of these slots, you will find yourself rolling dice to see how many squares you move around a classic Monopoly board. The Monopoly Slots come in several versions, all of which are played in the traditional way of a slot machine until you reach the bonus round, after which […]

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Published by admin | 20-02-2015

Board Game Meets Slot Machine – Monopoly Slot

On this slot machine, the classic board game of Monopoly finally reaches the world of the slot machine. The Monopoly Slot comes in several styles, one to suit every slot machine player’s preference, there are jackpot versions, ones with no jackpots just more, smaller wins and there are also versions that like a lot of […]

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Published by admin | 15-04-2013

Play Monopoly at the Bonus Bar

Great news for slots players everywhere, Paddy Power is offering all its players a chance to play their favourite games and fill up their Bonus Bar to be rewarded with randomly generated free bets of up to £25,000! So just by playing games like Monopoly slots, means that you will soon be eligible for the […]

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