Board Game Meets Slot Machine – Monopoly Slot

On this slot machine, the classic board game of Monopoly finally reaches the world of the slot machine. The Monopoly Slot comes in several styles, one to suit every slot machine player’s preference, there are jackpot versions, ones with no jackpots just more, smaller wins and there are also versions that like a lot of multipliers on their slot.

Most of these variants play in the usual way as any other slot machine until you reach the bonus round and it is then that the slot machine takes a big from being a slot machine to becoming more like the family board game that is loved by everybody, young or old. Once the bonus round has been triggered, a board, although smaller than, is none the less recognizable as the iconic board in the family game. The board is surrounded by squares which have either the names of properties or perhaps, chance, community chest, free parking, go and of course jail on them, some versions may also even have utilities on them but for those that have ever played the board game, all the squares are readily recognizable. Perhaps how the Monopoly game in the bonus round on this slot machine varies from the actual board game itself the most is that on this version even the free parking pays and all of the chance cards are good, there are no bad ones. Jail though is never a good place to be and so even on the slots version, a trip to jail could cost you up to three goes but, even if you spend the whole of the round in jail, the next time you trigger the bonus round, you will again be as free as a bird to circle the board and win money.

This game obviously received popularity with Monopoly lovers but perhaps more surprisingly, it also became popular with the more traditional slot machine enthusiasts and it was this that allowed for several versions to be produced, catering to all the different tastes that slot enthusiasts have. There is therefore a Monopoly version to suit your style of winning, whatever that may be.

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