Published by admin | 20-06-2018

New Naples-opoly

Late for the Sky brings a new twist to the classic game Monopoly, they have produced a County inspired board game similar in its goal and player interaction in the way its played. Naples-Opoly is based around the county of Naples in sunny Florida. the board is laid out very similar to the original games […]

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Published by admin | 07-06-2018

New Monopoly Game for Cheaters

Did you know that Hasbro is releasing an upcoming special “Cheater’s Edition” of Monopoly this June. The twist on the classic game of Monopoly encourages its players to actually cheat during game play. The New Cheater’s Edition of monopoly comes complete with 15 cheat cards which ask the players to carry out tasks throughout the game while playing, […]

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Published by admin | 17-04-2018

Bob Casino Player Scoops 1 Million Win!

Its all smiles and congratulations in the Bob Casino office. As they have some great news this week, Because one lucky player is now 1 Million euros richer. Plus, its the biggest win to date from the casino, so celebrations all round. The lucky player bagged a total win of €1,000,000 while playing one of their popular online slots. It’s […]

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Published by admin | 13-05-2017

Best board games of all time

Board games can be a lot of fun. They offer some excitement and give people something interactive to do. There are games for both children and adults. These games will keep the mind active and increase social interactions. These are some of the best board games of all time. Monopoly This game was invented all […]

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Published by admin | 25-04-2017

Casumo crowns two millionaires in one week!

As a slots enthusiast, it’s pretty rare that someone hits a big Progressive Jackpot at a casino that makes the news, but imagine if two big Jackpots were hit in the space of seven-days … and at the same casino! Miraculously that is what happened at Casumo within the last 30 days, when a Mega […]

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Published by admin | 17-04-2017

Monopoly goes 4D with Nintendo Switch

For most of us Monopoly Slot fans, the high-powered graphics and big potential payouts has had to keep us sated for some time, but it seems that Ubisoft are dominating the offline Monopoly news today as they unveil their new Rumble feature that will appear in the upcoming release. Already available for up to 6-players […]

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Published by admin | 13-04-2017

Interesting Facts about Monopoly

Monopoly has an iconic place in the lives of families and people around the world. Most readers know a bit about playing the game, some even consider themselves experts at the achievements of real estate control and complete board domination. But many do not know some of the strange and interesting facts from the history […]

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Published by admin | 10-04-2017

What’s new in the Monopoly Multiverse

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock recently and missed a key change in the offline world of Monopoly, some of your favourite pieces may have been stripped away and been replaced by new and more ‘relatable’ pieces. While this hasn’t yet transferred itself into the online realms of our favourite […]

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Published by admin | 06-04-2017

Play Monopoly at Video Slots Casino

Here at Monopoly Slot, we are passionate about making sure all of our visitors get to see the best promotions out there for our favourite slot. Now I’m sure most of you will read that as ‘salesy’ and cheesy, but it’s true. So that’s why we’ve thought it prudent to update you on the latest […]

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Published by admin | 03-04-2017

The evolution of Monopoly slots

Monopoly-themed slots have been popular for years, and since they first appeared they have been undergoing various changes in terms of what they offer, how much you must wager, and what you can win. In fact, the only thing that has remained the same throughout is the loveable and likeable graphics and images which we […]

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