Published by admin | 30-03-2017

The biggest wins from Monopoly-themed slots

Most of the major Monopoly-themed slot machines which have been released are non-progressive and as a result of this it is simply not possible to gauge just what the biggest wins ever recorded on Monopoly-themed slots are. However, just because they are non-progressive does not mean huge jackpots have not been won! By diving into […]

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Published by admin | 29-11-2015

Monopoly in Real life

So it’s nearing Christmas, that time of the year where we get ready to gorge ourselves on too much food and drink and dust off the raggedy board games for the inevitable family get togethers (obviously including our beloved Monopoly) … Or if you’ve welcome in the modern age, you whip out your phone instead […]

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Published by admin | 18-11-2015

Monopoly for all occasions

For all you Monopoly fans who are looking forward to Christmas purely for the chance to whip out your board games, we wanted to remind you that you needn’t have to wait another month and a half to get your fix. With tons of different Monopoly online games to try, you are normally just a […]

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Published by admin | 09-11-2015

The Many faces of Monopoly

Is it just us or has Hasbro been creating even more versions of Monopoly!? It seems that it isn’t just our beloved Monopoly Slot that has multiple different types available, but that the board game is undergoing an almost monthly makeover with the latest crazes and phases! Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones, the […]

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Published by admin | 23-02-2015

Enjoy Monopoly in the Form of a Slot Machine

In the bonus rounds on any of these slots, you will find yourself rolling dice to see how many squares you move around a classic Monopoly board. The Monopoly Slots come in several versions, all of which are played in the traditional way of a slot machine until you reach the bonus round, after which […]

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Published by admin | 20-02-2015

Board Game Meets Slot Machine – Monopoly Slot

On this slot machine, the classic board game of Monopoly finally reaches the world of the slot machine. The Monopoly Slot comes in several styles, one to suit every slot machine player’s preference, there are jackpot versions, ones with no jackpots just more, smaller wins and there are also versions that like a lot of […]

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Published by admin | 05-01-2015

There are Jackpots on this Monopoly Slot

There are many versions of Monopoly slots available today but not all of them have jackpots to be won but this one does. The Monopoly Megajackpots slot is perhaps the only version of Monopoly slots that offers a progressive jackpot to be won. Probably due to the great popularity that the original board game acquired, […]

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Published by admin | 29-12-2014

Choose your Mover Wisely on this Slot

Although on most of the Monopoly slots, the traditional, well-known movers of the boat, car and boot are featured, on this particular version, the one you choose can make a difference to how much you win. The Monopoly Multiplier slot is just one of several versions of Monopoly slots that are now available and of […]

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Published by admin | 22-12-2014

There are Two Bonus Rounds on this Monopoly Slot

There are now several different versions of slot machines that are themed on the popular and famous family board game. Unlike most of the other versions, the Monopoly Pass Go slot has 2 bonus rounds. Like some of the other versions, one of the bonus rounds features a mini version of the original Monopoly game […]

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Published by admin | 15-12-2014

Play the Latest of the Monopoly Slots

There are many versions of Monopoly slots available today and all of them include at least some of the features from the popular board game. The Monopoly Plus slot is the latest of these versions and once again features aspects from the famous family board game. This latest addition to the Monopoly range of slots […]

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