Monopoly for all occasions

For all you Monopoly fans who are looking forward to Christmas purely for the chance to whip out your board games, we wanted to remind you that you needn’t have to wait another month and a half to get your fix. With tons of different Monopoly online games to try, you are normally just a click away from rolling the dice on your favourite game.
For Slot machine lovers like us, there are several amazing Monopoly Slot machines for you to try out including the MegaJackpots where the Jackpot now stands at over $1m! That would certainly buy a lot more presents this year or put you on that luxury holiday to escape the cold weather for New Years. There’s also several other versions of the slot and most of these are available for free play if you want to test them out before you commit with our delegated partners (available on our homepage). These are available for both your mobile and your computers/tablets so you never have to worry about missing out.
For Facebook lovers and social media aficionados – Monopoly Slots has over 200,000 likes and boasts a great game for users to play for free. This is just one of many similar apps and Facebook groups out there where you can enjoy the games but the prizes tend to be a bit smaller that our favourite slot versions. We’ve even got our own page here that you can find here today –
For those of you who just want to play for free on your phone, there are several apps available on both the Apple Store and Google Play store that you can find just by searching ‘Monopoly.’
So rather than boring you any longer, and since you are probably reading this article on one of the above platforms, you have no excuses not to go and play now … Enjoy and good luck!