Published by admin | 29-09-2014

Upgrade your Mover on these Slots

These slots are all based on the very popular and high selling family board game Monopoly and so whilst they will seem familiar, there is perhaps one difference from the original game, as well as having perhaps the car as a mover, there are some that have been given upgrades and so the movers now […]

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Published by admin | 22-09-2014

Chance and Community Chest may be on this Slot

Although now, there are several versions of these slots, they are all still based on the original family board game and so most feature the almost iconic board in their bonus rounds. It is for this reason that when you play Monopoly slot, depending on the version you chose to play, you may find that […]

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Published by admin | 15-09-2014

You’ll recognize the Bonus Game on these Slots

As these slots are based on the family board game Monopoly and on most of the versions the bonus round features a mini Monopoly board, most players will be familiar with it. The Monopoly slots feature a board in their bonus rounds and as this board is a mini version of the original, it will […]

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Published by admin | 08-09-2014

Property Pays on this Slot

As this slot machine is based on the world famous family board game Monopoly, it is obvious that properties would have to be a part of the game somewhere. On the Monopoly slot it is in the bonus rounds where the properties come into the game. There are several versions of these popular slots and […]

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Published by admin | 01-09-2014

If you Like Jackpots you’ll Like this Slot

There are several versions of the Monopoly Slots but not all of them provide jackpots. There is though at least one version that does and that one, as the name suggests, is the Monopoly Megajackpots slot. Each of the different versions of the Monopoly slots feature different aspects from the family board game that became […]

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Published by admin | 25-08-2014

Multiply Your Wins on this Slot

Many slot machines give the opportunity to multiply your win but this one takes the multipliers to another level. As the name suggests, the Monopoly Multiplier slot, has more ways to multiply your wins than the other versions of the Monopoly slots. These Monopoly slots are themed on the popular board game that has been […]

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Published by admin | 18-08-2014

You Will Want to Pass Go on this Slot

Go is the well-known square on the Monopoly board and also probably the most liked. The Monopoly Pass Go slot is just one of several versions of slot machines that have been themed after the almost iconic board game that became famous throughout the world and was by far the best selling of all family […]

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Published by admin | 11-08-2014

This is a New Version of an Older Slot

If you think that this slot machine looks familiar, it is because there have been several similar versions before it. The Monopoly Plus slot is the latest of several slot machines that have been themed on the world famous and very popular family board game Monopoly. Monopoly is the highest selling of any other board […]

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Published by admin | 04-08-2014

This Slot Machine is an Original

This slot machine has been themed on the popular family board game Monopoly which was the largest selling game of its type world-wide and is probably recognizes by its name and its iconic board by two generations. The Monopoly Here and Now slot though, is the first in a series of slots that have been […]

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Published by admin | 28-07-2014

Because of their Popularity these Slots Keep Growing

There are several versions of these slots and because of their continuing increase in popularity, even more versions of them keep being introduced. Their popularity is probably understandable as, when you play Monopoly slots and reach the bonus rounds, you immediately recognize and feel familiar with the format as they are mini versions of the […]

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