Published by admin | 21-07-2014

You’ll Recognize the Bonus Round on this Slot

The bonus round on this slot machine is a mini version of the world famous Monopoly board game and so will be instantly recognizable. When you decide to play Monopoly slot you will have a variety to choose from as, due to their popularity, several versions have now been released. All of the versions have […]

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Published by admin | 14-07-2014

Properties are Winners on these Slots

These slots are themed on the world famous board game of Monopoly and so, just as in the board game, it is properties from which you can make money. There are several versions of Monopoly slots but all of them start playing like regular slots and in the bonus rounds feature variants of different mini […]

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Published by admin | 07-07-2014

This Slot has World Wide Popularity

This slot machine is based on the game of Monopoly which is by far the most popular board game in the world. If people have not yet heard of Monopoly slot, they certainly would have heard of the board game on which it is based and the same features that made the board game so […]

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Published by admin | 30-06-2014

Monopoly Megajackpots Slot the Popular Choice

By far the most popular family board game ever devised, is the game of monopoly. The game has earned world wide recognition and the board on which the game is played has become almost iconic and now that popularity has been brought to the world of slots by the introduction of several slot machines themed […]

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Published by admin | 23-06-2014

Monopoly Multiplier Slot Big Game Small Package

The family board game monopoly is very popular and is probably the best known game, of its kind, on the planet. This familiar game has been combined with the rapidly increasing popularity of slot machines, to provide several versions of Monopoly slots, all of which, with the exception of the Monopoly Multiplier slot, feature mini […]

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Published by admin | 16-06-2014

Monopoly Pass Go Slot has Two Bonus Rounds

The Monopoly board game is probably the most well known and popular family board game on the planet and the majority of people, if they haven’t actually played it, have probably heard of it or are familiar with how its game board looks. Now the popularity of this board game has been combined with the […]

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Published by admin | 09-06-2014

Monopoly Plus Slot has Bonus Squares

When the Monopoly board game was first released it was an instant success as family after family would buy the game and play it, as a family, for complete entertainment on a board that perhaps became iconic along with the Mr. Monopoly figure that appeared on the boxes. With the popularity that slot machines have […]

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Published by admin | 02-06-2014

Monopoly Here and Now Slot has a Car Race

Monopoly started out as a family board game and as such, led the field in wholesome family entertainment which meant that probably most people have played it at one time or another, or at least heard of it and are familiar with how its board looked, which perhaps became somewhat iconic. Now there are several […]

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Published by admin | 26-05-2014

Play Monopoly Slots with the Iconic Board

Many people will recall playing the monopoly family board game at some time or other, or at least would have heard of it and all are probably familiar with the board itself which is perhaps iconic. When you play Monopoly slots you will once again be able to enjoy the delights that the game has […]

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Published by admin | 19-05-2014

Play Monopoly Slot as an Old Friend

Many will recall days when they have played the family board game Monopoly and probably look back with a smile remembering how it would, just like an old friend; break up the monotony of an otherwise boring day. It is now possible to reminisce those days whilst you enjoy to play Monopoly slot. Popular The […]

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