Published by admin | 03-03-2014

Monopoly Slots Offer Variety

The board game Monopoly is probably the most popular game ever introduced, so much so in fact, that it almost became a household name, known to most people around the world. Now that there are Monopoly slots, they too have become popular. The popularity of these games became such that several different versions of it […]

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Published by admin | 24-02-2014

Monopoly Slot Features the Iconic Board

The Monopoly board is perhaps iconic in so far as it is probably recognized by most people and now that board is featured on a slot machine. The Monopoly slot features the Monopoly board in its bonus round and although this version may be a little smaller, it is no less recognizable as a board […]

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Published by admin | 17-02-2014

Monopoly Megajackpots Slot has Free Spins

The family board game Monopoly is with out doubt, the most famous and popular family game devised. It has remained probably the most played game in households from 70 years ago when it first came on the market, right up to today. The game has been enjoyed and provided fun memories for generations and now […]

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Published by admin | 10-02-2014

Monopoly Multiplier Slot is Mini Sized

There are now many versions on Monopoly slots available and although they are all basically themed on the popular family board game, they all vary in one way or another. The Monopoly Multiplier slot may be considered by some to be a mini version of the game as it only has three reels but this […]

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Published by admin | 03-02-2014

Two Bonus Rounds on Monopoly Pass Go Slot

Ever since the family board game Monopoly came onto the market, it has been a huge success and is probably played just as much today as it was then, 70 years ago. Today it is now possible to play variations of this popular game, in the form of slot machines of which there are several […]

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Published by admin | 27-01-2014

Monopoly Plus Slot for the Social Climber

Monopoly is probably the most popular family board game ever devised and the board is familiar to almost everybody even if they haven’t actually played the game, which is unlikely. Monopoly Plus slot is now just one of many versions of the popular board game that has been brought to the slot machines. Bonus Rounds […]

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Published by admin | 20-01-2014

Monopoly Here and Now Slot has Free Parking

The free parking symbol is just one of the familiar symbols that you will see when you play this hugely popular game. The Monopoly Here and Now slot is just one of many versions of the Monopoly board game to appear on slot machines. Monopoly was probably the most popular and most liked board game […]

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Published by admin | 13-01-2014

Monopoly Slots Never Lose Their Appeal

No matter what age you are, there are a few games that never lose their appeal and excitement, one of them being Monopoly. I guess it has everything which is timeless and is basic to all humans, money, greed, the act of acquiring wealth, the risk of losing it and all this based on chance […]

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Published by admin | 06-01-2014

Play Monopoly Slots and Move around the Board

These slot machines are themed on the famous and popular family board game and so feature the well known board from the game. When you play Monopoly slots, the board in the bonus round may be smaller than the original but otherwise is very similar and so will definitely be recognizable and remembered by many. […]

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Published by admin | 30-12-2013

Monopoly Slots are Old Fashioned Fun

Most people will probably remember at some time or other, playing the family board game Monopoly. The Monopoly slots are themed on that original game and so anyone who plays them will probably feel a little nostalgia whilst doing so. The board game was hugely popular and enjoyed by many a family, who will remember […]

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