Published by admin | 12-05-2014

Monopoly Slots Are a Popular Variety of Fun

These slot machines are based on the famous family board game and when they were first introduced, they were met with so much popularity that several different versions were then produced, allowing players a variety of ways in which they could have fun whilst still enjoying this familiar game. The Monopoly slots, in their various […]

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Published by admin | 05-05-2014

Monopoly Slot a Building Game

Many people will remember the popular family board game Monopoly. It is a game where family members would vie to buy properties and build houses and hotels on them so as to charge the others higher rents and now that same excitement can be experienced on the Monopoly slot. Popularity The Monopoly board game was […]

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Published by admin | 28-04-2014

Play Monopoly Slots the Way You Want

The slot machine version of the family favorite board game Monopoly has attained so much popularity that it has been possible to now offer several different versions of the game. These different versions allow you to play Monopoly slots in the way that you like best, meaning that you may prefer lots of smaller wins […]

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Published by admin | 21-04-2014

Monopoly Megajackpots Slot is the Premier Version

Although there are in all six versions of Monopoly slots, many consider this to be the premier one amongst them. It is possible that the Monopoly Megajackpots slot is considered to be the best because it has the highest payout. This slot machine can pay out a jackpot that is a progressive and this progressive […]

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Published by admin | 14-04-2014

Monopoly Multiplier Slot is the Mini Version

With only 3 reels as opposed to 5, this version of the 6 monopoly slot versions is considered to be the mini version, ideal for playing on apps away from home. Although the Monopoly Multiplier slot may be considered a mini version, it is no less exciting or potentially lucrative. Monopoly Slots Because of their […]

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Published by admin | 07-04-2014

Monopoly Pass Go Slot has 9 Pay Lines

There are 6 different versions on the mono poly slots and many of them have between 20 or 30 pay lines but this one only has 9. Each of the different versions of the slot machines, have different features and different pay out amounts but all of them, like the Monopoly Pass Go slot, have […]

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Published by admin | 31-03-2014

Monopoly Plus Slot Features Mr. Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly has been seen on the boxes of the board game monopoly for many years but until now he has not actually taken an active role in the game. On the Monopoly Plus slot Mr. Monopoly randomly appears on the reels and jumps from reel to reel, finally replacing one of the symbols on […]

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Published by admin | 24-03-2014

Monopoly Here and Now Slot has a Jail

This slot machine is just one of six that have been inspired by the very popular family board game Monopoly and all of them feature jails on their bonus rounds. The bonus round on the Monopoly Here and Now slot, like the others, has a mini Monopoly board in its bonus round. Just as in […]

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Published by admin | 17-03-2014

Play Monopoly Slots and Roll around the Board

Just as in the original family board game of Monopoly, when you reach the board in the bonus rounds on these slot machines, you have to roll the dice to determine how many squares you advance around the board. When you play Monopoly slots and reach the bonus round, you will first be required to […]

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Published by admin | 10-03-2014

Play Monopoly Slot a Familiar Game

Most people, at some time another, have probably played the family board game Monopoly or at least are familiar with how the board used in the game looks. Therefore when you play Monopoly slot and reach the bonus round, most people will recognize the board used in that as being a mini version of the […]

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