Monopoly Multiplier Slot Big Game Small Package

monopoly multiplier slotThe family board game monopoly is very popular and is probably the best known game, of its kind, on the planet. This familiar game has been combined with the rapidly increasing popularity of slot machines, to provide several versions of Monopoly slots, all of which, with the exception of the Monopoly Multiplier slot, feature mini versions of the monopoly board in their bonus rounds.

Monopoly Slots
With the popularity with which a monopoly slot was first greeted, the producers were afforded the opportunity to create several different versions, ensuring appeal to all slot enthusiasts. It is now possible to find a game of slot that is themed on monopoly, which provides wins in the way you like them or with an abundance of special features if that is what you prefer.

Although all these versions may be themed on the original family board game and most of them actually have a mini version of that actual game as their bonus round, they do differ greatly in their own ways. Some provide jackpots whilst others don’t and some may offer strings of smaller wins whilst others prefer not t and yet others may offer additional bonus features apart from the monopoly board game.

Monopoly Multiplier Slot
The Monopoly Multiplier Slot is the smallest of these monopoly slots versions and only has three reels but that does not mean that it doesn’t have a punch when the wins appear. Only having three reels avails this slot in having to have set pay lines and it is sufficient to just get one of the monopoly inspired symbols on each reel to secure a win. Many of the symbols are recognizable as squares that would usually appear on the monopoly board, such as Go, community chest and electricity board and the properties have been replaced by either green or red hotels.

Although the bonus feature on this particular version does not entail playing a mini version of the family board game, it is still definitely monopoly themed and can offer some very impressive multipliers as your wins.

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