You’ll recognize the Bonus Game on these Slots

play monopoly slotAs these slots are based on the family board game Monopoly and on most of the versions the bonus round features a mini Monopoly board, most players will be familiar with it. The Monopoly slots feature a board in their bonus rounds and as this board is a mini version of the original, it will be instantly recognized by most people.

The family board game Monopoly is the highest selling of any board game and is familiar to millions all around the world. The popularity that the board game has seems to have infected these slot machines to the point where several versions have now been created and all are receiving huge popularity. The popularity of the slot machines is probably due to the familiarity that players feel when they play them, perhaps even a feeling of a little nostalgia and to seize on that familiarity, several versions have been created, each with a different style so as to appeal to a wider range of players, allowing players that are particularly partial to certain features, to find a Monopoly slot that suits that particular preference.

As mentioned, most of these different versions feature a mini Monopoly board on their bonus rounds and when they do, the boards don’t just look familiar but the games are played in a similar way too. The squares on these mini boards will be marked with go, go to jail, free parking, properties, perhaps stations or utilities and maybe some may even have the familiar chance and community chests marked on the squares. The dice are rolled and you move around the board the prescribed number of squares. Obviously what you win on these bonus rounds will very much depend on which squares you land on, just as it does on the real game.

The main differences between the versions are that whilst some may have jackpots, catering to those who prefer less regular larger wins, whilst others may cater to those that prefer smaller more regular wins and so do not have jackpots. Either way, you are sure to find one that caters to your own preferences.

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