Enjoy Monopoly in the Form of a Slot Machine

In the bonus rounds on any of these slots, you will find yourself rolling dice to see how many squares you move around a classic Monopoly board. The Monopoly Slots come in several versions, all of which are played in the traditional way of a slot machine until you reach the bonus round, after which the game switches to a traditional game of Monopoly. With several versions of the game to choose from, you are bound to find one that suits your style. There are ones both with jackpots as well as ones with no jackpots, just more, less high paying wins plus there are ones with an abundance of multipliers if that is what you like.

Once you have triggered the bonus round and start playing on the Monopoly board you are in for a treat as there are no bad squares to land on, even all the chances are good and you also receive a win for landing on free parking. The jail however, is always bad and so it could cost you up to three throws of the dice there, just like in the board game. Since the introduction of the first version of these slots, they were an immediate success with not just Monopoly lovers playing but also slot enthusiasts as well. This enabled the producers to introduce other versions in order to appeal to even more players.

The Monopoly board game was the most popular board game ever invented and has been enjoyed by two generations of players now. Although that is some hard feat to live up to, the Monopoly slots have certainly not been put to shame as their popularity increases to grow and could one day become one of the most popular slot machine series.

For the Monopoly lovers, they can still enjoy playing the bonus round with their favourite pieces that include the top hat, cat and the dog. The properties on the board are also familiar as are the utilities that appear on some of the versions whilst free parking, go and jail of course, appear on all the versions.

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