Monopoly in Real life

So it’s nearing Christmas, that time of the year where we get ready to gorge ourselves on too much food and drink and dust off the raggedy board games for the inevitable family get togethers (obviously including our beloved Monopoly) … Or if you’ve welcome in the modern age, you whip out your phone instead and open the apps or browsers to the various Monopoly Slot games on offer as you slump on the couch and regret the mammoth portions you just stuffed yourself with.
But this Christmas, just to shake things up, we thought we’d daydream just a little and have a wonder at how our favourite game would look in the real world… You know, if Mr Monopoly Man suddenly sprung out of his board and magically changed the world to be just like the game we know and love.

Well for starters:
The free parking would charge at least £1 per 15minutes but would still be miles away from the nearest station.
Most of the prisons ‘Just visiting’ areas would be occupied by the day prisoners who would venture in and out as they please irregardless of their crimes they had committed.
The cheapest board properties would suddenly become great investment areas and prices/rents would soar as tourism bought out the market faster and faster with current occupiers left to battle for properties in the outskirts.
Nobody would have more than one house on a property as the council wouldn’t give them permission to extend that far
The monopoly board of London would be at least twice the size to allow for the increase in demand in surrounding areas so the board would be impossibly large
But … Most importantly … At least half of the board would be taxes and nobody would ever pay you to go round a square 🙂

Well fortunately or unfortunately I don’t think that we have to worry about such a climactic change but here’s hoping that one day we will have that much fun. Remember to check out our latest offers in the meantime and our great bonuses just for you!