Play Monopoly at the Bonus Bar

Great news for slots players everywhere, Paddy Power is offering all its players a chance to play their favourite games and fill up their Bonus Bar to be rewarded with randomly generated free bets of up to £25,000! So just by playing games like Monopoly slots, means that you will soon be eligible for the opportunity to win some big prizes, and the more you play the bigger the prizes and the faster you win.

The Bonus Bar is a great idea developed by the Irish Bookmaker, which is actually on two levels. There are bonus amounts between £5 and £5,000 on the Bonus Bar and we go up a tier to between £35 and £25,000 on the Bumper Bonus Bar. The added sweetener is that you can enjoy all the other bonuses and promotions on the site, as well filling up at the Bar – so to speak!

Paddy Power does cover loads of quality games from various games providers, but what I like the most has just got to the traditional, timeless games like the Monopoly slots game. Nowadays, there are quite a few variations to the game, but they all are pretty awesome and have their own unique pluses to suit all players and their tastes. The best place to begin is by reading our front page, where we cover all the varieties – then you can make a choice as to which Monopoly game might be the best choice for you!

Not only does the bookmaker have all the games that you want, but considering they have been around from the start of the online gaming story, they are well known, trustworthy and reputable; it’s a no brainer to register and start playing to enjoy the welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions. What I really enjoy about the largest Irish Bookmaker is their 100% commitment to customer service, and the comprehensive range of products and services available. These range from traditional sports betting and live betting to casino, poker and games. All this and the opportunity to access all services/products from virtually any mobile device and platform.

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