Earn Familiar Wins on this Slot Machine

monopoly slotAs this slot machine is themed on the popular board game you are sure to remember, when you gets wins by landing on properties, it may be reminiscent of the days you played the game with your family. When you decide to play Monopoly slot, you will now have several versions to choose from but all of them are themed on the popular board game that has been played by families for 2 generations and its board, properties and movers have become almost iconic and recognized by most.

In the board game you would roll the dice, move around the board and win according to which property square it was that you landed on. On these versions, most of them feature a mini board inn their bonus rounds and although the boards may be smaller and therefore have less squares, the squares they do have, contain some of the markings from the original board,. Whilst some may have properties and utilities, others may have properties and the chance and community chest squares but all, are sure to have go, go to jail, jail and free parking. Those versions that don’t have mini boards in their bonus rounds will still have these features but this time they will appear as symbols on the reels. Either way, the wins will be familiar.

Some of the versions that also feature the easily recognizable movers of the boot, the car and the top hat, may have some extra more up to date ones as well, like roller blades or mobile phones.

The popularity of the Monopoly slot allowed for these different versions to become available and now that they are, there is a version which is going to appeal to every player regardless of their preferences. There are versions with jackpots for those that prefer jackpots whilst for those that prefer to have smaller wins that are won more frequently, there are also versions for them, as there are versions for those that like multipliers as well as versions for those that don’t. Whichever one you choose to play, the wins are always familiar.

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