This Slot Pays 500 Times your Bet

monopoly multiplier slotThere is a reason for the name of this very popular 3 reel slot machine. The Monopoly Multiplier slot gets its name for being able to provide large multiples of your wagers and that can be from just getting the Monopoly logo symbol appearing on the reels.

This is just one of several slot machines that have been based on the famous and popular family board game Monopoly but this one varies from the others in many ways and not just because it has 3 instead of the usual 5 reels. Most of the versions incorporate a mini Monopoly board game into their bonus round but as some players don’t particularly like bonus games, this slot does not have one, concentrating instead, in bringing all the action to the spinning of the reels. Just because this slot does not have a bonus round and only has 3 reels, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pay out as much as the others, it does but this time the pay-outs are all up front, on the reels of the slots.

Having only 3 reels you may feel like you are playing a slot machine from the 1930s but the graphics and the huge multipliers lets you know that regardless of what you may feel, this is certainly a modern slot and has all the excitement that a modern slot provides.

Although the icon Monopoly board may not appear on this slot machine, not even in a miniature form as on other versions, it doesn’t mean that the symbols from the squares like properties don’t. The symbols on the reels include many of the symbols that you may normally see on the Monopoly board and so it is those again that bring you the wins.

With only 3 reels and no bonus round, the action soon starts on the reels and then never stops with plenty of wins quickly showing up, perhaps more frequently than on slots that have to cater for the winnings available to be won on bonus rounds or jackpots, therefore allowing these wins to rapidly increase into something impressive.

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